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DIY Ideas to Increase Your Home's Value

More and more these days, homeowners are pondering the intersection of function and design in new ways. If you’re considering upgrades to your home, consider these DIY ideas that can increase beauty and resale value.

Miracle Baby Born At 2:22 On 2/22/22 But There’s Way More To The Story Of Why She’s A Miracle

Judah Grace Spear was born at 2:22 am on Tuesday 2/22/22, meaning she’s a miracle. But as impressive as all those twos may be, there are a lot of other signs pointing to God’s work in this little one’s life!

Will I Still Be Married to My Spouse in Heaven?

Many of the questions we have about heaven have to do with relationships that actually are based here on earth. Will we see loved ones?  Will we know each other? Will our pets be there?  

What about our spouse - will we be married in heaven?  Here are clear answers.....

I’ll Never Be Free From This Financial Mess!

No matter how much money we brought in, we could never seem to get ahead. We were drowning in debt and were exhausted. We were in an overwhelming financial disaster and had no clue how to get out.

Can you relate?

Jesus is Your Cure for Loneliness, Not Facebook

The pull of social media is strong, not only because it is always accessible, but also because it seems to promise what we are all craving: a place to belong....

Inspiring 78-Year-Old Woman Has Been Foster Mom To More Than 80 Babies In Her Lifetime

For the last 34 years, Linda Owens has become a foster mom for so many. And she's literally saved the life of every child that's come into her home.

“This is what God’s handed me a gift to do."  Watch this inspirational woman and see the impact she's made....

Preparing for a Financial Emergency

Planning for what we hope never happens - It's always tough to do, and tough to start.  So consider these tips to build your emergency savings account and create a buffer of cash for when emergency strikes.

3 Ways Worry is Ruining Your Parenting

What if I told you that you could care for your kids without worrying about them? What would it take to revolutionize our parenting in this way?

Here's some perspective...

Vitamin C Smoothie Boosts Immunity And Keeps Colds And Flu At Bay

Are you making it through the winter without getting sick?  Give your immune system a shot in the arm with this flu-fighting vitamin C smoothie, packed with nutritious ingredients.

Winter Date Ideas for Couples

The dreary, gray days of winter is a great time to up the date nights and keep the flame alive in your relationship.

Here are some great ideas for winter dates....

Is it Okay if My Spouse Doesn't Come to Church?

If two spouses who are believers aren’t attending church at all, whether separately or together, that more than likely points to a foundational problem in the marriage.

How Small Victories Win the War against Debt

Getting out of debt can seem like a daunting task. It’s easy to be intimidated and discouraged. So how do you overcome that overwhelming feeling when you want to achieve your goal, but you’re so intimidated by all the work you know it will take to get it done?

Take a step back and remember, it’s the small victories that win the war.

How to Stay in Love in Your Marriage for a Lifetime

Retirement is not always easy. Marriage can be challenging after partners stop working and spend long hours puttering around the house together. Some couples are healthy, wealthy, and happy. Others are strapped for cash, suffering with debilitating illness, grieving the loss of family and friends, and fearful of the future.

So how do we finish the race with grace?

God promises strength to persevere, but we have to submit to His plan and learn acceptance with joy. Here are three “Scripture nuggets” to revive the romance and survive the challenges.....

These Boys Get The Best News...And The Worst News All At Once

You will love seeing these brothers finding out that Mom & Dad are having twins!  Their reactions fill this minivan full of laughs, tears, fun, and LOTS of drama!

THIS is life with boys!  We're howling watching this video! 

10 Deal Breakers Christians Should Have When Dating

When it comes to dating, everyone has their preferences. Keep in mind everyone will come to a relationship of any kind with red flags. While everyone has their fair share of flaws, some can be compromised, but others are outright deal breakers.

If you're an unmarried Christian and going through the dating process, here are a few dealbreakers to help you decide who you will give your time to.

5 Wonderful Things that Happen When We Let Go of Control

Trying to remain in complete control only brings temporary security. Those who seek to reign over their environments will realize happens...regardless.

3 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Living in the Past

It can be easy to live in the past instead of focusing on the here and now. How many times have you replayed a decision or event over and over in your head, wondering if a different choice might have yielded a better result? I’ve definitely done that before.

But living in the past is no way to live out today.

What Does the Bible Say about Food and Eating?

When we talk about addictions and perspectives, many times what comes to mind is alcohol, drugs, or shopping. However, one of the most common struggles, especially in the Western world is unhealthy views of food.  Food is not the problem, but our boundaries and issues revolving around food are the problems we face when it comes to eating.

God’s Word has answers for everything. What does the Bible say about food and eating?

5 Whispers Every Mom Should Hear

These whispers are simple affirmations…reminders to yourself of what you ALREADY know…of what your best friend would tell you if she were sitting right next to you. 

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