Colton Dixon to Have Twins!

Colton Dixon’s first single released, after a hiatus from the Christian Music world, is titled, “Miracles”. Colton has experienced his own personal miracle – he and his wife are having TWINS! 

A routine ultrasound, the couple’s first, uncovered the amazing surprise. Colton Dixon and wife Annie Coggeshall announced the news prominently on social media; giving Colton Dixon fans a first look at “the little Dixons.”

The subject of a People Magazine exclusive, Colton tells People his first impulse after getting the news was to start nesting, “As soon as we got home, I got to work painting and rearranging furniture all over the house,” Dixon told People. “I admit that my wife was the stronger one that day, but I don’t think we could be more excited to meet our two little ones. What a blessing.” 

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Singer/songwriter Colton Dixon first caught the public's attention on season 11 of American Idol. A Dove Award winner, Colton has released 4 albums and has done some tracking for motion pictures. After a 3-year break, Colton is back with a new label and a new album, coming out later in 2020.

Our best congratulations to Colton and Annie!

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