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TobyMac - "Feel It" (Official Music Video)

TobyMac’s latest album, This Is Not A Test is an essential reminder that we only have one shot at life. He and the Diverse City band give it all they’ve got in this slammin’ music video for Toby’s song, “Feel It”!

Featuring Mr. Talkbox

NEEDTOBREATHE - "Hard Love" (Official Music Video)

After a path of disagreements that almost broke the band up, the band of brothers Bear and Bo Reinhart - otherwise known as NEEDTOBREATHE - have new musical life breathed into them - as we hear from this official music video of the title track of their latest album, Hard Love. 
Featuring singer Andra Day

Matthew West - "Grace Wins" (Official Music Video)

With a definite connection to his previous hit, "Hello My Name Is", Matthew West now comes out with another declarative song, leaning on the redeeming power of Grace!  Here's the official music video for "Grace Wins"!

Matt Maher "Your Love Defends Me" (Acoustic Performance)

In contrast to our hurried plugged-in do-more culture, Matt Maher states in his song, "Your Love Defends Me" that being still is often the best thing we can do. 

This message is accentuated even more by Matt's tender acoustic treatment of this song.  Here's the solo acoustic music video of, "Your Love Defends Me"....

David Dunn - "I Wanna Go Back" (Official Music Video)

Life is complicated!  Remember how simple life was as a kid?  Let's go back with singer David Dunn to a child-like faith, where life and love and belief were simpler.

Here is David with a cool official music video for his song, "I Wanna Go Back"!

Danny Gokey, "Hope In Front of Me" (Official Music Video)

Former American Idol contestant Danny Gokey brings us the official music video from the title track of his album, Hope In Front of Me. 
In this, his second album, the Milwaukee native delivers a potent song brought vividly to life by his warm, soulful voice.

for King & Country - "O God Forgive Us" (Official Music Video)

Causing us to re-think personal, moral, and social ills that are all around us, for King & Country comes out with a pensive composition, "O God Forgive Us".  In a time where many political groups are exerting their position in our culture, for King & Country states that our first step needs to be vertical!

Here's the official music video of "O God Forgive Us"....

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