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Denzel Delivers a Positive Verdict for "Roman J. Israel, Esq."

You've never seen Denzel Washington like this. Washington stakes his claim as a major Best Actor Oscar contender for his performance as quietly crusading lawyer Roman J. Israel. It's a pleasure to watch the unkempt, sometimes off-putting Israel work through his self-inflicted moral dilemma. 

"The Man Who Invented Christmas" Brings Warmth to Winter

The Man Who Invented Christmas is a merry treat for the holiday season. Well-acted and brimming with a message of love, hope and charity, this film is sure to inspire warm feelings of Christmas cheer in audiences everywhere. 4 out of 5.

As a Sweet Christmas Tale, "The Star" Shines

Thanks to a grand ensemble of voice actors, The Star becomes an upbeat Christmas story the whole family can appreciate. Children will be delighted by the animated shenanigans and adults can rest easy through this perfectly palatable movie experience. 3 out of 5.

"Justice League" Tests Our Faith in Hollywood Heroism

An uninspired corrective for the DC Universe that doesn't correct nearly enough. Justice League has more laughs but it takes fewer risks, bogged down by a generic doomsday plot. Fans may have fun, but they won't be leaving eager for more. 

Adaptation of R.J. Palacio's Book a Certified "Wonder"

The feel-good movie of the Fall! Wonder is a gentle, uplifting story for anyone who’s ever had to find their way in a not-always-welcoming world. Young Auggie (Jacob Tremblay) can't help the way he looks but he may change the way you see. Grab a tissue (or three) and head to your theater now. 

Lauren Daigle Adds Feature Song to "Blade Runner 2049" Movie Soundtrack

Lauren Daigle has had the opportunity to both write and perform the feature song that comprised the motion picture soundtrack for Blade Runner 2049.

We have details and video interview!

"Murder on the Orient Express" a Welcome Throwback

Intrigue, murder, doubt, cinematography and a compelling cast come together in Kenneth Branagh's remake of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express. Branagh also stars with an original take on Belgian detective Hercule Poirot that manages not to mimic David Suchet, Albert Finney or others who embodied the fastidious, mustachioed flatfoot. If this film births a new series of Poirot films, it would not be the worst thing for cinematic mystery fans. 

"Daddy's Home 2" Another Fun but Futile Sequel

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are in perfect harmony throughout this zany, off-the-walls comedy, but even they can't stop Daddy's Home 2 from becoming another tired and unnecessary sequel.  

"Thor: Ragnarok" is the MCU's First Comedy

Thor: Ragnarok offers a swashbuckling good time. With his home threatened by a powerful new (to him) villain, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) has to find a way to save his people "because that’s what heroes do." The laughs keep coming; the action is fierce and fun; there are even valuable takeaways. 

Eric Liddell Biopic "On Wings of Eagles" Can't Decide Whether to Run Track or Take to the Air

Did you ever hope for a sequel to Chariots of Fire? Want to know what happened to "The Flying Scotsman" Eric Liddell after his 1924 Olympic triumphs on and off the track? Be careful what you wish for - not all stories have happy endings or are told as artfully as Chariots, though Liddell certainly exemplifies the maxim that it's not the years in a life, but the life and legacy in the years. 

God Recycles Trash into Treasure in "Same Kind of Different As Me"

Much like its characters, Same Kind of Different As Me can be a little rough around the edges. Smooth these down however, and viewers will discover a rich, heartfelt story which reminds us that we are all treasured members of God's human family. 

"Only the Brave" Fights Incredible Flames, Fans Others

Harrowing but aspirational, Only the Brave shows men and women not only at their bravest but at their best. As a group of firefighters struggles with the forces of nature and the callings of family life, they find a shared purpose in protecting others, leading to a finale that won't soon be forgotten by anyone who experiences it. 

"Goodbye Christopher Robin" Leans More Eeyore Than Tigger

Be warned: Goodbye Christopher Robin is not the Winnie-the-Pooh nostalgia trip you're expecting. In many ways it's more like a real bear than a stuffed one - cuddly to look at but get closer and find teeth and claws. So why the high score? Quality performances, unexpected conflicts, storybook scenery and life lessons abound. But also because this film knows what it means to have been both child and parent.

History, Heroism and Legal Drama All Mesh in "Marshall"

When a young Thurgood Marshall and Jewish lawyer Sam Friedman reluctantly partner to fight for justice in a rape case, the result is a thought-provoking, uplifting movie. More fun than you'd expect, Marshall is a legal thriller with heart and character, based on a true story.

"The Mountain Between Us" is Alluring but Artificial

A survival story of epic proportions, The Mountain Between Us is thoughtfully filmed and beautifully performed. However, its too-contrived plot and screenplay weren't able to withstand the full duration of the film.

"My Little Pony" Should Please Fans and the Bigs Who Love Them

A cute little movie about cute little ponies, with life lessons and some mighty fine music thrown in as a bonus. There's color and excitement for small viewers, humor and (clean) adult references for the older set, and fun for all ages.

"The Stray" is Doggedly Determined but Barks Too Softly

A true story about how one dog can touch the lives of many others, The Stray is a faith-based film that is appropriate for most families. Still, The Stray may not be the heartwarming tale that dog lovers are anticipating.

Christian Film Formula Pays Off in "A Question of Faith"

Viewers who responded to God's Not Dead and Do You Believe? get another providential plot in A Question of Faith, which works despite somewhat awkwardly incorporating texting-and-driving and organ donation into its story of sanctification and salvation.

"Lego: Ninjago" is Forgettable, but Still Fun

This latest entry to the Lego universe has plenty of heart but lacks the ingenuity of its predecessors. It may amuse kids (and even adults) for an hour or two, but will probably be forgotten once the credits are done rolling.

"Battle of the Sexes" Makes Old News Feel New

Battle of the Sexes is about more than a 1973 tennis match between rising female tennis star Billie Jean King and a past-his-prime, buffoonish Bobby Riggs. In portraying one of America’s early public figures to live openly as a homosexual, the film also addresses women’s rights, but it leaves little room for reactions other than celebration of the resulting cultural changes.

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