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Church Buys School Supplies for Every Student at Their Local Elementary School

Parkview Mennonite Church in Hillsboro, Kansas decided to put works with their faith and made a wonderfully generous donation to a local elementary school, opting to purchase academic supplies for every single student due to attend! 

See what happened when this local church body decided to be a blessing to their whole community...!

5 Back to School Prayers for Families and Teachers

Whether you’re homeschooling, sending your kids to public school or private school, or even off to college, there’s reason to pray!  

Here are five prayers to pray this Back-to-School season. 

Should You Let Your Kids Use TikTok?

Of all the apps in recent years, perhaps the one that has received the most debate on whether it should be used is TikTok. TikTok not only has an addictive, habit-forming quality but is also an app where most anything goes.

This begs the question for parents, should you let your kid use TikTok?

We are Closer to God Than We Can Imagine

There are a lot of myths out there when it comes to our closeness with God:  “If you would just read your Bible more, go to church more, share your faith, then that'll bring you closer to God.” So I try doing all of those things—but that feeling of closeness with God still doesn't come. 

But then, I discovered where I'd gone wrong. 

How to Navigate Family Feelings About Returning to School

How does your family feel about returning back to school this year?  Excited?  Worried?  

Consider these three tips to help your children (and yourself) manage emotions during the transition back to school.

Midlife Marriage: Rejoicing in the Spouse of Your Youth

Our culture seems to place a high value on the euphoria of young love and early romance, rarely taking into account the challenges that come as we advance through the decades together.

So what's a midlife married couple to do?

How to Pray When You Don't Know What to Do

I don’t know about you, but in the face of all the bad news in the headlines. In the face of all the hard things happening in the world I want to see God show up!

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take a Summer Break from Church

We wouldn’t expect our bodies to stay healthy if we binged on sugar or never exercised. We can’t expect our souls to stay healthy either when we don’t feed our spirits the Word of God and experience Him in deep community -- even over the summer!

3 Things to Remember about Your (Imperfect) Marriage

What are the essential wisdom perspectives that Scripture gives us that enable us to have realistic expectations for our marriage?

5 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read the Bible

Bible reading is such a critical part of a healthy relationship with God, but truthfully, it’s not the first Book most children gravitate toward.  What can we do to help our kids not only read the Bible, but understand what they’re reading, potentially enjoy it, and most of all, apply it?

Here are some ideas that will hopefully get you started:

How to Parent Your Grown Children Without Smothering Them

We all want to feel needed. And sometimes, it’s scary to let our grown children make certain decisions on their own.  How do you give them space, but still let them know you are there when they need you or when they’d like you to be around?

Here are seven suggestions to help you parent your grown children without smothering them

6 Remedies When You Feel Like a Failed Parent

The terrible twos. The rebellious teenager. The prodigal. Challenges to parenting are as old as Scripture itself.  Rather than beating ourselves up, we can rely on God’s promises.

Here are six remedies when you feel like a failed parent....

10 Things Kids Learn From Their Parents' Marriage

Our kids are constantly watching and learning from us. Our actions (both good and bad) are always teaching them about marriage.  So how do you model a marriage that will help them in their adult life?

Heat Stroke Treatment and Prevention

With summer temperatures soaring as they are, it's important to know the typical symptoms of heat stroke. Knowing both the indications and treatments for heat stroke can be a life-saver!

A Prayer for When You Are Waiting on the Lord

Are you currently in a place of waiting? Though we’re all familiar with it, we can often grow wearing in our waiting, and our hearts grow heavy with worry and doubt.   Sometimes we might wonder if God has forgotten about us or given up on us....

But take heart...find your encouragement.

How to Stay Strong in Disappointment

Wouldn't it be nice if life consisted only of pleasant surprises, not the disappointing ones?  Yet therein lies the true test of faith.
How do you not only HANDLE real disappointments in life, but stay STRONG through them?

5 Ways to Raise a Confident Adventurous Child

From taking steps toward the stairs to learning that bubbles don’t taste good, exploration is a part of development for babies and young children.

To help make this a fun (yet safe) adventure, here are some great tips!

15 Fun Summer Dates for You and Your Spouse

Research shows time and again that those married couples who date regularly, and furthermore, try new activities together, tend to have more meaningful relationships.

Here are some fun romantic ideas that will encourage time together that will hopefully create lifelong memories.

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